Custom Text Patch - 2x3
Custom Text Patch - 2x3
Custom Text Patch - 2x3
Custom Text Patch - 2x3
Custom Text Patch - 2x3
Custom Text Patch - 2x3
Custom Text Patch - 2x3
Custom Text Patch - 2x3
Custom Text Patch - 2x3
Custom Text Patch - 2x3
Custom Text Patch - 2x3

Custom Text Patch - 2x3

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  • 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall.
  • Includes hook fastener backing.
  • Sized to fit on the front of most operator hats.
  • Great for hats, bags and jackets with loop fastener panels.
  • Made in the USA, by Tactical Gear Junkie.
  • Camouflage pattern will vary by patch depending on placement of patch on fabric.

1. Choose your background color.

2. Choose your thread color. This will be the thread color for the text.

3. Enter your text. All text will be capitalized.

4. Provide any special instructions. 

5. Allow us time. Our custom items take 3-7 business days to produce.



Ask a Question
  • Is there any way that you can make a patch to have an existing company logo?

    Yes, for logos you'll want to submit a custom patch quote request:


  • Do these custom patches have Velcro backing as well ?

    Yes, All our patches have Velcro backing unless there is an option for a sew-on backing.  Thanks.

  • Can you make a 2 line patch with the top line font larger than the bottom Line? example top .85 in and bottom .50 in

    Yes we can do that.  You can leave a note in the instructions box asking us to do that, thanks.

  • Will you expand the text if it is only 3 characters in order to fill the entire area of the patch? AKA increase the text size. I didn't see an option to do that on the site.

    Yes, we generally make the text as large as possible but you can also include a note with your purchase to make the text as large as it can fit on the patch.

  • Could you possibly make the border of the patch a different color? Like white, grey, or silver color?

    Yes, please leave us a note with this request at checkout and we can do that.

  • Is the back the "hook" or loop" for the velcro?

    The back of the patch will have the rough hook side of the fastener attached to the back.  Thank you!

  • Text seems small. I only need Three letters and they are tiny on the sample. How do I increase font size?

    Please provide us with instructions on how big you'd like the text at checkout if it doesn't look large engough. Usually we will scale the text to fit. The live designer is for placement and and preview purposes only. Thanks!

  • Any chance for different fonts? IE. military stencil font

    Yes, we have a stencil font that we can embroider. Please specify at checkout in the Notes/Special Instructions box that you would like a different font. 

  • Is the txt sized to take up the whole patch

    Hello, the text on this patch can be sized according to your specifications but by default we will make it as large as possible without any distortions.

  • Is it possible to get two different colors for text - say line one in white font / line two in green font on the same patch?

    Yes, to make this request please specify your color choices in the Notes/Special Instructions at checkout. 

  • I am wanting to have different thread colors. My idea is to do ";igy6" the ";" would be teal (for PTSD awareness), the "igy" would be black (for heavy hearts carried) and the "6" would be red (for the blood that has been shed). Are you able to accommodate for different colored thread?

    Yes we are, please put your color instructions in the special notes box.  Thanks.

  • Can you make a 2x3 Custon Text Patch w/a different color border? I/E- Black patch w/red border.

    Hi, if you want a different border color, you can put that in the special instructions and we will do it for you. Thanks.