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Where We Came From.

Surprise!! We didn't always make patches!

Our company started in 2011, in the basement of a gym at a military school. We supplied their summer camp program with uniforms, nametapes and novelty items. During the off season and on weekends we sold our excess gear at gun shows and online, hence the name Tactical Gear Junkie.

The universe had a different plan though. While we had grand plans of being the next tactical gear sales moguls, we were also manufacturing military name tapes, insignia and a few patches here and there. Anything really to pay the bills of a struggling new business.

Over the course of a year, via gun shows and emails, we started getting more and more requests for different morale patches. “How come there’s no police patches?”, “where’s the firefighter stuff?”, “you know you should make a (insert funny idea) patch.

It was not long before all we had time for was manufacturing patches. We started hiring help and adding machinery and new products every year.

Where We Are.

Our recently expanded 14,200 sq. ft. facility houses over 100 embroidery heads, multiple sewing machines, serging machines, large format printers, laser cutters and a talented team of American workers.

Focusing on automation and innovative design, we are constantly on top of industry trends and setting the bar higher and higher in the world of printing and embroidery.

From our stock designs to fully custom work, our attention to detail and world-class quality have quickly moved us up the ranks as one of the top US made patch producers.

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Where We Are Going.

At Tactical Gear Junkie, our mission is to boost morale world-wide with consistent, high quality products through a combination of cutting-edge technology and the American worker.

Our goal is to become the leading emblem manufacturer in the United States.  We strive to maintain unwavering quality standards and ever-evolving product offerings, while growing our culture and team.  

We will continue to do so with your support!

Thank you for visiting and supporting a small
U.S. business!