Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

1. Where are you located?

2. Do you have a retail store?

3. How can I contact you?

4. Do you offer gift certificates?

5. What types of products do you carry?

6. What products do you manufacture?

7. Do all your patches come with Velcro™?

8. What items in your store can be customized?

10. What payments methods do you accept in-store and online?

11. Do you sell guns and ammunition?

12. Do you do gun transfers?

13. Do you wholesale?

14. Are you hiring?

Custom Engraving

1. What products can be engraved?

2. Do you do custom engraving?

3. How long does it take for a custom engraved item to be made?

4. Can I return custom engraved items?

5. Can I return premade engraved gun parts?

6. What do you use to engrave gun parts?

Custom Embroidery

1. How much does custom embroidery cost?

2. Can I return custom embroidered items?

3. How long does it take for a custom order to be made?

4. Where are fabrics and threads sourced for patches?

5. Do your nametapes comply with Armed Forces regulations?

6. Where are your patches and nametapes made?

7. How do your patches differ from similar ones sold at other retailers?

8. Can I request custom artwork on patches?

9. Do you offer bulk discounts for large orders?

10. Are there any limitations on what can be embroidered on a patch or name tape?

11. Do all your patches come with Velcro™?

Shipping and Returns

1. Do you offer international shipping?

2. Do you offer gift wrapping or personalized message cards?

3. My order is incorrect, what do I do?

4. What is your return policy for non-custom items?

5. Why can’t you ship IR patches internationally?

Federal Firearms Transfers

1. Do you have an FFL?

2. Can I have a gun shipped to you from out of state?

3. Do I have to transfer a firearm through an FFL?

4. How does the transfer work?

5. How much does a transfer cost?

6. Can I do a transfer to another individual in-state through you?

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