Tactical Narwhal - 4 inch Patch art by Adam Syartov

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Introducing the Tactical Narwhal 4-Inch Patch – a fusion of oceanic grace and tactical prowess that defies expectations and embraces the extraordinary.

Unleash the power of whimsy with this narwhal adorned in its finest tactical gear, showcasing a tusk that's as sharp as its instincts. This patch isn't just an accessory; it's a declaration that even in the heart of challenging operations, a touch of audacious charm can make all the difference.

Secure this emblem of distinction to your gear, backpack, or attire, and immerse yourself in an elite realm of those who understand the art of blending humor and precision. The Tactical Narwhal Patch isn't just a badge; it's a beacon of camaraderie, capable of sparking conversations and camaraderie even in the most intense environments.

  • 4 inch patch
  • Includes hook fastener backing.
  • Great for hats, bags and jackets with loop fastener panels.
  • Made in the USA, by Tactical Gear Junkie.

*Does Not Include Matching Loop Fastener Piece*

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