Clean Butts Matter - 2x3 Patch

Color: Black
Sale price$8.39
We all know that good toilet paper is as valuable as gold at this time, so let everyone know you are ROLL-ing in the good stuff!
  • 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall.
  • Includes hook fastener backing.
  • Great for hats, bags and jackets with loop fastener panels.
  • Made in the USA, by Tactical Gear Junkie.
  • Camouflage pattern will vary by patch depending on placement of patch on fabric.

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Customer Reviews

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Marisabel S

Happy 💩💩


I really enjoy the humor in the "Clean BUTTS MATTER" patch,
especially with all that is going on. My teenage grandsons will get a hoot out of the patch. I have purchased two ball caps that have "head lights" on the bill of the cap. My wife sewed black velcro on the front of the hats so they can put the "CLEAN BUTTS PATCH" on the front. With school being out, probably for the rest of the year, I have decided to create a patch of the month club for them with their new hats using some of your other patches. I also am sending them couple of rolls of toilet paper for the laugh of it.
I think you should come up with another new patch that says: 'REMEMBER, THE JOBS NOT DONE 'TIL THE PAPERWORK IS COMPLETE" with a half spent roll of TP as part of the design!
I'd take a couple of those patches if you came up with the design!!
R. RIce

Nick T

No better way to commemorate the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 than with this patch! Butt sanitation really does matter. No one likes swamp ***.

daniel s

It look great and professionally done

Edward j

Fast S&H...great patches...crew love them Keep up the Good Work and thanks

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