10 Unique Places to Use a Patch This Winter

You snagged that sweet patch — a salute to the places you've explored or maybe just a design that helps show off your personality. Now the question is: how do you show off those patches in the most unique way?

When it comes to showing them off, we know just what to do with patches, and we've got you covered with 10 unique places to use a patch this winter.


There’s no better way to display custom patches than on your clothing. From classics like jackets and vests to more unique places like jeans and flannels, there’s always room for a patch.

Fortunately, winter brings many ways to display patches.

1. Vests

Patch jacket ideas aren’t the only ideas out there when it comes to where to place patches.

Vests are a classic spot for placing patches, so we had to include them on this list. Stand out from the rest when you add something like our patch of the month — our tactical penguin patch — along with other sweet winter patches from our Winter Collection

You’ll have the coolest vest, by far. No pun intended.

2. Flannels

What winter outfit would be complete without the signature flannel? Take yours a step further by adding custom patches to it and giving your flannel a pop of personality. Place them on the back, sleeves, and near or on the pocket for a stylish look. 

Flannels already look good, but adding iron on patches can make them that much better.

3. Jeans

If you’re looking for a really unique way for how to display patches, try adding them to your jeans. This look offers a more “rebellious” feel, and since the snow will keep you from wearing shorts for a while, why not add some flare to your bottoms? 


You don’t have to stick all your patches on your clothing, though. Accessories are the answer for where to place patches if you’ve run out of room on your favorite jacket or vest, or if you prefer a simple approach to your wardrobe. 

Here are some of the more unique accessories to add a patch to. 

4. Bags

You’d be surprised at how well an iron on patch holds up on a bag. It doesn’t matter if you’re out on deployment or you’re just on holiday vacation, a custom patch will make your bags stand out. Make your bag easier to find at the airport baggage claim, or use a patch as a reminder of what’s waiting at home while you’re out on the field. 

Whether you’re a soldier or you serve your community as an officer, there’s a patch for everyone. 

5. Tactical Vests

When you’re out on a mission and can’t wear your street clothes, tactical vests make a great place to put your custom patches. You don’t have to settle for boring patches, either; for example, the Winter Collection has custom patches like a Tactical Yeti and that leg lamp from your favorite Christmas movie!

If you’re feeling particularly festive this season, take the winter with you with our Christmas Tree Cake patch.

6. Hats

Top off your winter look with a touch of personality by adding patches to your favorite hats. Whether it's a snapback or your go-to winter beanie, patches can transform your headgear into a statement piece. Create a unique blend of warmth and style by stitching or ironing on your favorite designs.

Some patches can even be put on tactical gear, so your helmets can be customized to your liking. 

7. K9 Vest

Don’t keep those patches all to yourself, though. 

Extend the patch love to your loyal four-legged companion's gear. A K9 vest is a unique canvas to showcase patches that represent both your bond and your furry friend's identity. Whether it's a playful design or something custom-made with your pet's accomplishments, these patches add a special touch to your canine's winter wardrobe.

Bonus: You can even add custom patches to your K9’s food bag if it’s the right material. 

There’s no more unique way to show off your companion’s personality than with a patch.


But style doesn’t stop at hats and backpacks.

Elevate your winter gear game by adding patches to essential equipment. From camping gear to duffle bags, give your gear a personalized touch. Identify your belongings easily in snowy landscapes or simply express your style with carefully chosen patches on your outdoor essentials.

Here are just a couple of examples of where your patches might look best.

8. Camping Chairs

Enjoy a unique camping experience by placing patches on your camping chairs. Whether you're by the fire or doing some ice fishing, a customized chair adds comfort and flair to your outdoor adventures. 

Bring a touch of home wherever you roam with patches that reflect your outdoor spirit.

9. Tents

Make your camping spot stand out in the winter landscape by decorating your tent with patches. 

Showcase your love for the great outdoors or mark your territory with unique designs. Patches on tents not only add a personal touch but also make your camping setup easily recognizable in a snowy landscape.

10. Duffel Bags

Travel in style with a duffel bag adorned with patches that narrate your journey. Whether it's a weekend getaway, you’re being deployed, you’re out on the field, or you’re on a winter expedition, customize your duffel bag with patches that capture the essence of your travels. 

Never have your bag taken by mistake when you add a custom design that helps you and others identify it just by looking at the patches — though they may ask where you got them! 

Don’t Settle for Boring Patches This Winter

Explore unique ways to unleash the power of amazing patches this winter with Tactical Gear Junkie! From custom designs to festive holiday patches, our curated collections offer the ideal tokens of gratitude for your loved ones. Shop online or give us a call at 859-355-5244.

Check out our Winter Collection and stock up on the best iron on patches for your clothing and accessories — you won’t regret it.

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