Elzetta High/Strobe Tailcap

Elzetta High/Strobe Tailcap

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With the Tailcap completely screwed on, the Light produces a constant high-beam and operates exactly like our Click Tailcap. 

- Loosen the Tailcap, however, and a high-frequency tactical strobe is engaged to disorient an adversary. 

- The strobe function may be selected whether the Light is on or off (keeping the Tailcap rotated for Strobe Mode enables the strobe light to activate with a single click of the push button). 

- Unlike lesser flashlights with multiple modes, no repeated clicking of the switch is required to change modes and no unintended mode changes are ever encountered. 

- The unique Decoupled Binary user interface is simple, intuitive, and delivers the intended function every time; the only system suitable for high-stress tactical operations. 

- Fits Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Models (does not fit Bones Flashlight). 

- Made in USA.